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Hands-on AIOps: Best Practices Guide to Implementing AIOps

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Welcome to your hands-on guide to artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps). This book provides in-depth coverage, including operations and technical aspects. The fundamentals of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) that form the core of AIOps are explained as well as the implementation of multiple AIOps uses cases using ML algorithms. The book begins with an overview of AIOps, covering its relevance and benefits in the current IT operations la...


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内容简介: 微习惯是一种非常微小的积极行为,你需要每天强迫自己完成它。微习惯太小,小到不可能失败。正是因为这个特性,它不会给你造成任何负担,而且具有超强的“欺骗性”,它也因此成了极具优势的习惯养成策略。 微习惯策略的科学原理表明了人们无法长期坚持大多数主流成长策略的原因,也揭示了人们长期坚持微习惯策略的可能性。人们无法让改变的效果持久时,往往认为原因在于自己,但其实有问题的并不是他们本身,而是他们采用的策略。当你开始用微习惯策略教你的方法按照大脑的规律做事情时,持...

The Kubernetes Operator Framework Book

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Design and deploy an operator for personal use and public distribution and get to grips with writing, packaging, and distributing a basic operator for a Kubernetes cluster Key Features Develop a holistic understanding of operators and the Operator Framework Learn to design and develop your own operators as per industry standards Find out how to implement best practices and troubleshoot Kubernetes operators Book Description From incomplete collections of kno...


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内容简介: 就像是古希腊神话中,皮格马利翁爱上了他亲手雕塑的加拉泰亚,每个人也在"创造"着生活中自我和他人的角色。虽然,他人在我们看来就是他们本来的样子,是我们"发现"了他们,但是关系中包含着无意识的复杂心理过程,引导我们用自己构建的方式去感受他人。 心理分析理论使得我们能够很好地理解人们如何无意识地创造其需要和恐惧,但大多数治疗师对此没有深刻的理解。治疗师经常变得和病人一样,忽略了在人际关系中创造他人时自己所扮演的角色,使得病人好像只是不幸"有"个冷漠的母亲,或者"找...

Head First Git

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What will you learn from this book? Many people who use Git rely on “recipes”–basic copy-paste commands–without understanding how this version control system actually works. But what do you do if you find yourself in a tight spot? You can’t simply wing it. With this unique hands-on guide, you’ll learn valuable ways to use Git in many different situations. Raju Gandhi peels back the layers to reveal the simple yet powerful engine that powers Git, with activities that hel...


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内容简介: 作者以在华尔街十几年搏击股海的经验教训为感悟素材,在研读了西方几百年来所有的炒股名著和炒股大师传记的基础上,对如何在股市获利最基本、最重要的问题进行了深入思考和探索 。本书是为那些和作者一样、真正想以炒股为生的投资者而写。本书初版于1999年,由三联书店出版后,在读者中产生了巨大的反响,十多年来受到各界投资者的广泛推崇,被誉为“炒股圣经”、“最经典的投资著作”,具有永恒的生命力。 作者简介: 陈江挺 1962年生于福建,1982年毕业于上海交通大学,198...

Applied Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2

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Understand how neural networks work and learn how to implement them using TensorFlow 2.0 and Keras. This new edition focuses on the fundamental concepts and at the same time on practical aspects of implementing neural networks and deep learning for your research projects. This book is designed so that you can focus on the parts you are interested in. You will explore topics as regularization, optimizers, optimization, metric analysis, and hyper-parameter tuning. In addi...

Automated Machine Learning in Action

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Automated Machine Learning in Action teaches you to automate selecting the best machine learning models or data preparation methods for your own machine learning tasks, so your pipelines tune themselves without needing constant input. Optimize every stage of your machine learning pipelines with powerful automation components and cutting-edge tools like AutoKeras and Keras Tuner. Automated Machine Learning in Action, filled with hands-on examples and written in an access...

Beyond Algorithms: Delivering AI for Business

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With so much artificial intelligence (AI) in the headlines, it is no surprise that businesses are scrambling to exploit this exciting and transformative technology. Clearly, those who are the first to deliver business-relevant AI will gain significant advantage. However, there is a problem! Our perception of AI success in society is primarily based on our experiences with consumer applications from the big web companies. The adoption of AI in the enterprise has been slo...

Quantitative Finance With Python

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This book bridges the gap between the theory of mathematical finance and the practical applications of these concepts for derivative pricing and portfolio management. The book provides students with a very hands-on, rigorous introduction to foundational topics in quant finance.   Author: Chris Kelliher Length: 664 pages Edition: 1 Language: English Publisher: Chapman & Hall Publication Date: 2022-05-20 ISBN-10: 1032014431 ISBN-13: 9781032014432 [downlo...

MySQL Cookbook, 4th Edition

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For MySQL, the price of popularity comes with a flood of questions from users on how to solve specific data-related issues. That’s where this cookbook comes in. When you need quick solutions or techniques, this handy resource provides scores of short, focused pieces of code, hundreds of worked-out examples, and clear, concise explanations for programmers who don’t have the time (or expertise) to resolve MySQL problems from scratch. In this updated fourth edition, author...

Practical Guide to Salesforce Experience Cloud, 2nd Edition

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Whether you are brand new to the world of digital experiences on the Salesforce platform or you are looking to take your Experience Cloud (previously “Community Cloud”) knowledge to the next level, this detailed guide will help you build and manage a Salesforce site by leveraging the declarative power of the platform with clicks, not code. Each Salesforce site/community is a part of a widespread ecosystem, with thousands of sites and millions of users active today on Ex...