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Code That Fits in Your Head: Heuristics for Software Engi...

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Description: The latest title in Addison Wesley’s world-renowned Robert C. Martin Series on better software development, Code That Fits in Your Head offers indispensable practical advice for writing code at a sustainable pace, and controlling the complexity that causes too many software projects to spin out of control. Reflecting decades of experience consulting on software projects and helping development teams succeed, Mark Seemann shares proven practices and he...

Software Development Pearls

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Description: Experience is a powerful teacher, but it is also slow and painful — and software practitioners cannot afford to make every mistake others have suffered. This book helps you compress your learning curve and bypass much of the pain by absorbing lessons from others who served in the trenches before you. Drawing on 20+ years helping software teams succeed in nearly 150 organizations, Karl Wiegers presents 60 concise lessons and practical recommendations you ...


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Book Description: Blueprints is a concise yet comprehensive coverage of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design concepts, suitable for a second programming course in Computer Science. It introduces and teaches application development in a command-line environment, and assumes basic expertise with the Java programming language.   Title: Blueprints: Creating, Describing, and Implementing Designs for Larger-scale Software Projects Author: Stephen Davies Len...


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内容简介: 作者为人们管理复杂项目提供了颇具洞察力的见解,既有很多发人深省的观点,也有大量的软件工程实践。书中的内容来自布鲁克斯在IBM公司System 360家族和OS 360中的项目管理经验。初版的20年后,布鲁克斯重新审视了他原先的观点,增加了一些新的想法和建议。新增加的章节包括:原著中一些核心观点的精华;在经过了一个时代以后,Brooks博士对原先观点新的认识;1986年的经典文章《没有银弹》;对1986年所下论断(在10年内不会出现银弹)现在的认识。 作者简介: 弗雷德里克·...


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内容简介: 本书介绍了软件项目行为的86 个模式,基本上概括了软件项目生命周期的方方面面,揭示了软件项目最常遇到的困境,反省了行业内种种不良习惯和做法。六位作者均来自一个开发咨询的管理团队Atlantic Systems Guild,长期以来为众多软件公司的经理人提供专业的咨询服务。他们浓缩了成百上千个项目管理的案例,通过本书中一个个模式展现出来。每个模式都以生动形象的插图开始,另外还加上一些趣闻和真实事件。 本书适合所有软件项目的管理者阅读,也适合有志于成为软件管理者的人参考。 ...


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内容简介 第2版的《代码大全》是著名IT畅销书作者史蒂夫·迈克康奈尔11年前的经典著作的全新演绎:第2版不是第一版的简单修订增补,而是完全进行了重写;增加了很多与时俱进的内容。这也是一本完整的软件构建手册,涵盖了软件构建过程中的所有细节。它从软件质量和编程思想等方面论述了软件构建的各个问题,并详细论述了紧跟潮流的新技术、高屋建瓴的观点、通用的概念,还含有丰富而典型的程序示例。这本书中所论述的技术不仅填补了初级与高级编程技术之间的空白,而且也为程序员们提供了一个有关编程技巧的信息来...


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内容介绍: 《敏捷技能修炼:敏捷软件开发与设计的最佳实践》的4位作者都是世界顶级的软件开发专家和敏捷导师,都有数十年的软件行业从业经验,其中3位曾荣获jolt大奖。本书是敏捷软件开发领域公认的经典著作,权威性毋庸置疑。 《敏捷技能修炼:敏捷软件开发与设计的最佳实践》中内容围绕“敏捷式编程”这一主题展开,对每一位敏捷软件开发人员都应该掌握的核心技能和技术进行了深入阐述,总结出了大量最佳实践,提供了一整套最精炼的技术集合,可以帮助他们在开发中变得游刃有余,极大地提高开发效率和软件质...


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内容简介: 在激烈竞争和充满无限可能的今天,响应变化的能力已成为组织的核心生存能力。因此,敏捷对于软件开发组织是一个必然的选择,而非一个可有可无选项。但如何正确实施敏捷,从而构建灵活响应的组织,却绝非易事,需要在实践中不断总结、提高,同时也更需要从大师们的敏捷实践中获取宝贵经验。 作者是经验丰富的敏捷培训专家,他利用本书总结出了敏捷武士的修炼之道,重点指导读者: 如何拨云见日,看透项目的本质 如何收集需求,做出估算并提出项目计划 如何雷厉风行地执行计划 计划有...

The New Kingmakers

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Book Description: The New Kingmakers documents the rise of the developer class, and provides strategies for companies to adapt to the new technology landscape. From recruiting to retention, it provides a playbook to work more efficiently and effectively with the most important members of your organization. Table of Contents Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. The New Kingmakers Chapter 3. How Did We Get Here Chapter 4. The Evidence Chapter 5. What To Do? 10...

A Practical Guide to SysML

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Book Description: This book is the bestselling, authoritative guide to SysML for systems and software engineers, providing a comprehensive and practical resource for modeling systems with SysML. Fully updated to cover newly released version 1.3, it includes a full description of the modeling language along with a quick reference guide, and shows how an organization or project can transition to model-based systems engineering using SysML, with considerations for processe...

Shipping Greatness

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Book Description Need a shortcut to a degree in shipping great software? Successful team leaders must have an extremely broad skill set to find the right product, work through a complex and ever-changing development process, and do it all incredibly quickly. In this guide, Chris Vander Mey provides a simplified, no-BS approach to the entire software lifecycle, distilled from lessons he learned as a manager at Amazon and Google. In the first part of the book, you’ll l...

Version Control with Git, 2nd Edition

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Book Description Get up to speed on Git for tracking, branching, merging, and managing code revisions. Through a series of step-by-step tutorials, this practical guide takes you quickly from Git fundamentals to advanced techniques, and provides friendly yet rigorous advice for navigating the many functions of this open source version control system. This thoroughly revised edition also includes tips for manipulating trees, extended coverage of the reflog and stash, a...