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Hands-On Data Analysis with Pandas

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Book Description: Get to grips with pandas―a versatile and high-performance Python library for data manipulation, analysis, and discovery Key Features Perform efficient data analysis and manipulation tasks using pandas Apply pandas to different real-world domains using step-by-step demonstrations Get accustomed to using pandas as an effective data exploration tool Data analysis has become a necessary skill in a variety of positions where knowing how to w...

Practical Process Automation

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Description: In today’s IT architectures, microservices and serverless functions play increasingly important roles in process automation. But how do you create meaningful, comprehensive, and connected business solutions when the individual components are decoupled and independent by design? Targeted at developers and architects, this book presents a framework through examples, practical advice, and use cases to help you design and automate complex processes. As sy...

Gatsby E-Commerce

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Description: Leverage the power of Gatsby to quickly produce e-commerce sites that are efficient, fast, and secure. This project-oriented book simplifies the process of setting up a Gatsby e-commerce site from start to finish, providing a starting toolset that you can use to develop future projects and incorporate into your existing workflows. You’ll learn to reduce reliance on tools that are bloated, prone to being hacked, and not the most efficient, and move over...

Visualizing Data in R 4

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Description: Master the syntax for working with R’s plotting functions in graphics and stats in this easy reference to formatting plots. The approach in Visualizing Data in R 4 toward the application of formatting in ggplot() will follow the structure of the formatting used by the plotting functions in graphics and stats. This book will take advantage of the new features added to R 4 where appropriate including a refreshed color palette for charts, Cairo graphics with...


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内容简介: 本书为了让读者扎稳高性能基础,浅显易懂地剖析高并发IO的底层原理,细致细腻地解析Reactor高性能模式,图文并茂地介绍Java异步回调模式。掌握这些基础原理,能够帮助读者解决Java后台开发的一些实际问题。 本书共12章,主要介绍高性能通信框架Netty,并详尽介绍Netty的EventLoop、Handler、Pipeline、ByteBuf、Decoder、Encoder等重要组件,然后介绍单体IM的实战设计和模块实现。本书对ZooKeeper、 Curator API、Redis、Jedis API的使用也进行详尽的介绍,让读者具备高并发、可扩展系统的...

Genetic Algorithms in Elixir

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Description: From finance to artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms are a powerful tool with a wide array of applications. But you don’t need an exotic new language or framework to get started; you can learn about genetic algorithms in a language you’re already familiar with. Join us for an in-depth look at the algorithms, techniques, and methods that go into writing a genetic algorithm. From introductory problems to real-world applications, you’ll learn the unde...

Learn Python Visually

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Description: An accessible, visual, and creative approach to teaching core coding concepts using Python’s Processing.py, an open-source graphical development environment. This beginners book introduces non-programmers to the fundamentals of computer coding within a visual, arts-focused context. Tristan Bunn’s remarkably effective teaching approach is designed to help you visualize core programming concepts while you make cool pictures, animations, and simulations...

PHP 8 Objects, Patterns, and Practice

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Description: Learn how to develop elegant and rock-solid systems using PHP, aided by three key elements: object fundamentals, design principles, and best practices. The 6th edition of this popular book has been fully updated for PHP 8, including attributes, constructor property promotion, new argument and return pseudo-types, and more. It also covers many features new since the last edition including typed properties, the null coalescing operator, and void return...


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内容简介: 该书是一本写给程序员看的,教你怎么交朋友,怎么影响团队中的其他人。书中充满了操作性极强的建议和意见,让你在技术团队中过得更开心,变得更有效率,更加如鱼得水。《极客与团队》旨在帮助程序员改进理解他人,与人沟通,以及与人合作的能力,进而在编写软件的过程中变得更有效率。 《极客与团队》适合那些想要更上一层楼并编写出色软件的程序员阅读,也适合软件项目和团队的管理者自己或组织团队成员阅读和参考。 作者简介: 布莱恩·傅攀勃现在是Google数据...

Learn WinUI 3.0

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Book Description: A beginner’s guide to building Windows applications with WinUI for UWP and desktop applications Key Features Create modern Windows 10 applications and gain access to UI controls that were previously limited to UWP applications Discover how to modernize your existing Win32 apps with a modern Windows 10 UI Learn to embed a single page application (SPA) in a WinUI application with a web framework like Blazor WinUI 3.0 takes a whole new appr...


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内容简介: 历史上最伟大的计算机科学著作之一 融深邃思想、实战技术与趣味轶事于一炉的奇书 带你真正领略计算机科学之美 多年以来,当程序员们推选出最心爱的计算机图书时,《编程珠玑》总是位于前列。正如自然界里珍珠出自细沙对牡蛎的磨砺,计算机科学大师Jon Bentley以其独有的洞察力和创造力,从磨砺程序员的实际问题中凝结出一篇篇不朽的编程“珠玑”,成为世界计算机界名刊《ACM通讯》历史上最受欢迎的专栏,最终结集为两部不朽的计算机科学经典名著,影响和激励着一代又一代程序员和计算机...

Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence: The Past, Presen...

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Description: Some people believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will revolutionize modern life in ways that improve human existence. Others say that the promise of AI is overblown. Still others contend that AI applications could pose a grave threat to the economic security of millions of people by taking their jobs and otherwise rendering them “obsolete”–or, even worse, that AI could actually spell the end of the human race. This volume will help users understan...